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  18. Injen intake and maf scaling
  19. Need Help With Tuning
  20. Mitsubishi evo V problem please help
  21. Help! New Evo owner,need assistance with tuning.
  22. Looking for Evo X ECU repair experts
  23. Evo 7 Problems
  24. Need help info?
  25. Engine isn't running smoothly
  26. need some help from the experts !
  27. MDP reading at idle on Evoscan/lean under load
  28. Rlc racing dash logging system
  29. Used Cooking Oil & BIODIESEL B100 EN14214 F/S
  30. Ecu For '05 Lancer Es
  31. Research and Development
  32. EGR problem????
  33. Boosting High End Problems !!!
  34. Do I need a ecu map
  35. 2006 evo mr stock map
  36. Wastegate question
  37. Ecuflash Evo9 JDM won't read my Ecu
  38. has anybody used a greddy emanage?
  39. i need help choosing which engine management is the best for my evo
  40. Precision turbo 5557
  41. Alternate Map Switching
  42. bucks and no power when warm
  43. apexi avc-r wont light up;(
  44. GM IAT Sensor Placement Help
  45. Getting tuned in Pittsburgh
  46. Free Power FC tuning software for EVO
  47. sputtering... any thoughts?
  48. do i need a new tune?
  49. new fuel system and now something is wrong
  50. Launch Control kick in while driving.. pls help
  51. Aps Bov
  52. Mivec questions
  53. AFC NEO settings
  54. Check Engine light ON/OFF when EManage installed
  55. Injector questions...
  56. Brand name mods!
  57. 2003 Evo VIII; mod list
  58. how to diagnose 7701 evo1 computer box...help!
  59. Emanage Question
  60. car won't start after injector install
  61. Need maps
  62. dealer reflash
  63. 2 Step
  64. which meth kit to buy. And MAF translator Q's
  65. engine noise help
  66. evoscan error while logging AEM
  67. lean air/fuel ratio
  68. Backfiring issue
  69. Help
  70. Car stalled when its in neutral
  71. Email reflash?
  72. Need older version of Evoscan
  73. MAF sensor translator and custom intake. worth it?
  74. E-85 numbers
  75. Just got tuned last Friday and cant believe the difference
  76. AEM wideband and logging install
  77. Looking for a good engine managment
  78. Need cossie map for Cali
  79. Never tuned... want to try
  80. Need a justdsm map please.
  81. Ecu Codes For The Evo 8&9
  82. just dsm
  83. Problem around 18lbs.
  84. Overboosting
  85. exhaust mani. off wide band or EGT gauge?
  86. codes p0134 and p0507
  87. check engine light. Code says Engine Overboost situation. any ideas
  88. E85 concerns
  89. Filling up with e85
  90. e85 + emissons
  91. weak evo8
  92. question: BOV efficience
  93. cobb access port any good??
  94. Flash and retune?
  95. NB/WB outputs on a switch???
  96. JDM MIVEC map
  97. Need help with oil sensors??
  98. Dynoflashed!!!
  99. PLX's SM-AFR???
  100. turboxs utec help
  101. Logging with EvoScan
  102. i got my car tuned and dynoed
  103. At what load point does it switch from closed loop to open loop?
  104. dynoflash email
  105. low load tuning
  106. Help with a tune?
  107. help!!
  108. got my tune from dynoflash tonight
  109. Does the Evo have a dry sump?
  110. Launch control not working/clutch in at start up related???
  111. Building boost on the line with ecuflash???
  112. how long does dynoflash take???
  113. Boost Sylenoid and ECU flash
  114. two step rev limiter not working?
  115. ECU flash software for MAC osX
  116. Help!
  117. Guess I need better boost control...
  118. How much latency time (dead time) is too much?
  119. Northern California Tuners!
  120. Vacuum leak? Attn: JustDSM...
  121. Injector latency and IDC question???
  122. knock counts
  123. Mitsulogger isn't logging for me...
  124. turbo leak?
  125. 2 step @ 6250 rpm too high?
  126. Anyone using mitsulogger?
  127. check engine light. EGR ?????
  128. ecu flashe and piggy back
  129. ecu rom
  130. Installed my Zeitronix display and boost sensor
  131. How do I remove fuel cut?
  132. AEM ECU or FLASH?
  133. cam gears?
  134. Timing safety feature (ecuflash)???
  135. Injector scaling for 650cc's...
  136. Yet another flash question (taking data off the ECU/saving)...
  137. Rescaling load question (ecuflash)...
  138. AFR question
  139. CEL Question
  140. aem wideband
  141. snow meth injection kit question??
  142. Help running EvoScan
  143. dyno flash???
  144. jdm ecu
  145. Mayday Mayday
  146. Intial AFC settings
  147. Do I need a wideband for a mail-in tune?
  148. E-85 Tune at Buschur Racing....
  149. Ecu flash and smog checks?
  150. So I emailed Jestr Tuning...
  151. EBC broken- what manual Boost controller should i get
  152. AFC with 272's?
  153. Evoscan and wideband q's
  154. Ecuflash loggs a better way?
  155. boost spiking randomly (Have EBC)
  156. New to data logging
  157. problem saving maps with ecuflash
  158. Blow Engine
  159. Power FC
  160. afc manual
  161. tuning with super afc
  162. Losing Boost @ about 6 or 7 rpms
  163. Need help choosing a tuning tool.
  164. Do I Need Flash?
  165. Questions on the following logs please help turbolarry or warr or anybody thanks!!
  166. SAFC2, Throttle position sensor???
  167. greddy B-Sped II EBC setings ???
  168. Apexi Power AC
  169. HELP!!! How much gain w/ safc tune vs. stock factory settings?
  170. Hesitation
  171. EcuFlash Setup Instructions and Tutorial
  172. EcuFlash - first findings and explorations...
  173. SAFC wiring question
  174. ecu flash
  175. New tune results!
  176. Pocketlogger Error??
  177. Calling all ECU gurus & a question about ECUFlash software???
  178. openport 1.3M
  179. AEM EMS boost comp and "progressive" alcohol
  180. Got this From PROSTREET....
  181. XEDE help !!
  182. What's in a "flash"?
  183. ECU flash
  184. ??'s about using a ECU not from my car.
  185. First Time Tuning with Wideband
  186. advice/comments on these logs?
  187. SAFC knock snsr?
  188. ECU flash help
  189. couple quick questions for yea guys
  190. zeitronix zt2
  191. Check this log Out....Stock EVO....
  192. Do you have these mods?
  193. Following the boost creep problem....
  194. Need Help!
  195. Reflash or a good old SAFC2?
  196. Thoughts on Zeitronix Zt-2
  197. Logs for viewing and advice
  198. I'm debating myself about this.
  199. First evo problem
  200. Boost Creep to Fuel Cut
  201. Need help w/ MAF sensor code
  202. Mild Mods to 320whp
  203. 10.5 Exhaust housing, any before and after numbers?????
  204. hydra emc
  205. Tuning Advice on an ECUPLUS
  206. Looking 4 a good tuner n VA
  207. UTEC or Flash
  208. Datalog Assist
  209. flashing...good or bad??
  210. Setting up SAFCII
  211. Help with mechanical boost guage?
  212. Safc+vta?
  213. SAFCII or Other PiggyBack???
  214. 50 Trim Turbos?????
  215. AFC Tuning - My Log
  216. tps adjustment
  217. Alchohol injection and GT35R
  218. Fuel Injectors WHP rating????/ What is the proper size for my application??
  219. How do I read knock via factory ECU?
  220. fuel injectors
  221. just put in the hks 280's
  222. help on installing a air/fuel gauge
  223. Timing Problem, Need Help!
  224. Question about AFR, Boost and RPM
  225. Service Engine Soon - Code P0430
  226. Turbolarry - more S-AFC questions w/mods
  227. Compresion ratio Info
  228. Flashing ECU?
  229. Car Problems...
  230. Seafoam?
  231. AFC settings/transition from low to high tuning?
  232. Turbolarry - Timing Advice
  233. voltage range of the ecu sensors????
  234. Fueltrims?
  235. Turbolarry - Drag results with S-AFC - [email protected]
  236. Turbolarry - Logs to analyze here...
  237. afc2 wiring help
  238. PLX R-500 Digital Wideband A/F Data Logging Computer
  239. SAFC wiring diagram for 05 evo?
  240. PRofec Type-S
  241. S-AFC Troubleshooting
  242. aem temperature probe
  243. Looking for opinions on a log...
  244. A free alternative to Tunerstein
  245. I just want atleast 350- 375 whp can anybody give me basic mods to achive that?
  246. greddy emanage or reflash?
  247. Datalogger Question
  248. Power Enterprise Boost Controller/Gauge Combo
  249. J.D.M. v.s. U.S.D.M.
  250. Pressure sensor evo