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General Site & Forum Rules
By registering on EVOtuners, you agree to obey all of the following rules. Forum rules & guidelines are not up for debate. This is not a democracy, but rather a private forum. Anyone openly voicing their displeasure with the rules or how they're enforced will be removed. It is your responsibility to know the rules and to abide by them. We will not babysit people. Do not flame people for not following the rules - simply report the thread or the member in question. We will handle it. Read our 10 simple rules:
  1. No personal attacks or insults. If you have a problem with another member's comments in a posted thread, take it offline. DO NOT respond with insulting comments that will further aggravate the situation. These kind of posts are to be reported immediately to a moderator. Reacting to a hostile post with more hostility puts YOU in jeopardy, and you risk account termination.

    If you have a complaint against one of the Moderators or Wisemen, handle it via private email, not in the forums. Doing so may result in your membership being terminated without notice.

  2. No complaints, accusations or attacks on shops, other websites, or buyers/sellers in the Classifieds. We are not the EVO Better Business Bureau, nor do we have the resources to be the EVO Better Business Bureau. We have a strict policy against "shop bashing". This means, we don't allow complaints and accusations to be made toward shops who have displayed weak customer service "in your opinion". If you want to help others choose a good shop to take their car to, then list the shop you'd recommend in your member profile. This is the only feedback we'll allow here on our site. Negative feedback tends to attract fraudulent accusations, flamewars and rumors which can put undeserving shops out of business. Since we don't allow negative feedback, we'll also ask that you not hype up any shop either. Post your recommended shop in your profile and others will be able to quickly learn who the best shops and vendors are. We also recommend using a new resource which was created by a site member, called to help rate and review vendors.

    Try to keep in mind folks, the reason this site was built in the first place was to help enthusiasts learn how to modify their cars themselves (as well as see which parts are available for EVOs). This site was never intended to be a research tool to find which shop has the best customer service. Though you may think that we "should" do certain things, that is only YOUR opinion. If you disagree with this policy, email us. Don't challenge it in the forums.

  3. No spam, group buy posts, vendor advertising, website advertising, or self promotion of any kind in the forums. See Vendor Rules. We do not allow our forums to be used for personal gain. This applies to public forum posts, private messages, and email. Posting a message in our forums or sending an unsolicited email or private message to our members in an effort to sell your product/service to them is against our anti-spam policy and will get you removed from our site. Don't do it.

  4. Use proper forum etiquette:

    • Use good grammar, punctuation and spelling in your posts. No slang and/or abbreviated words.
    • We do have a vulgarity filter - don't try to get around it by using different spellings of the vulgarity. If the word is not allowed, don't use it.
    • Use descriptive thread titles. If it's not descriptive, it's not worth reading.
    • No porn or posting of sexually or racially offensive content (or links).
    • No bumping threads (replying to a topic for the sole purpose of moving it to the top of the forum).
    • No useless replies in a thread that needs to be locked. Sayings like "In Before the Lock" can get you banned. If you see a thread that needs to be locked, report it, don't reply to it.
    • When linking to images that are not hosted here on EVOtuners (like ImageStation for example), if they are larger than 800 pixels wide, please just post a link to it. Do not use the BB IMG code, use the BB URL code instead. If the moderators come across large images, they will likely replace them with the text links for faster page loads.

  5. When Asking Tech Questions:

    • Be sure you've done research on the question before you ask. This site has been around a while now, and most of the basic questions and topics posted by newbies have already been covered here and in other EVO resources. Nobody here wants to answer the same questions over and over again. We've put together a list of links that should answer 95% of all EVO questions you might have in one of these areas:

      EVO Frequently Answered Questions Forum
      Tuning Guide & Upgrade Paths
      Parts Catalogs
      Forums Keyword Searches
      Tech Articles and How-To's

    • Post in the correct forum. If you have a suspension question, don't post in the Engine forum, post in the Suspension forum. And do not post the same topic in multiple forums.
    • Use descriptive thread titles. If it's not descriptive, many will not click on it. If you need help with fuel tuning, put "fuel tuning" in the thread title, not some generic line like "help me please".
    • Give as much info as possible about your situation so that others will be able to answer your question and make sure your profile is filled in and up to date with all of your current mods and vehicle info.
    • No "bench racing". Bench racing is defined as posting hypothetical questions to try and see how fast or how powerful your car is, or will be. If you want to know what time to expect at the track, whether or not your car can beat another specified car, or how much power it will have with a particular modification (or mod list), then go to the track or the dyno and find out for sure. Do not ask for people to guess in our forums. It's pointless and it wastes space. Serious enthusiasts go out and do it, they don't talk about doing it. If you're not serious about performance, find another online community to be a part of.

  6. When Answering Questions:

    • No "Use the Search" replies - answer the question, link to the answer, or don't reply at all. We don't need your help enforcing our rules.
    • No Guessing - if you don't know the answer for sure, don't reply - don't spread misinformation. If your reply contains phrases like "I think", or "I've heard", or "everyone else does it", or "my brother's uncle's friend did it and had no problems" - it is not useful. Only post a reply if YOU know the answer from YOUR own first-hand experience. Instead of replying with a guess, post a link to a thread where the answer can be found, or the same discussion already took place.
    • Explain your answer in detail. If someone is asking about which clutch is best for their application, don't just say "ACT 2600". Explain to them why you think the ACT 2600 is the best for their application. If you don't know why, then you probably aren't experienced enough to be answering their question in the first place.
    • No getting off-topic - if you're not replying to the thread starter's question, take it to PMs/email or start a new thread.

  7. Topics to keep out of our forums include: Rice-related discussions, politics, war, religion, porn, racism, drugs, illegal activities, shop bashing, site bashing, customer service complaints, buyer/seller complaints, girlfriend/boyfriend/relationship discussions, bench racing, hot chick threads, etc... basically anything that might be seen as inappropriate in a public forum. Be mature and act like an adult.

  8. No "post whoring", or useless conversations that can easily take place in a chat room instead. Do not post for the sake of posting or getting attention for something. This is not a chat room. This is a EVO performance website. Keep your off-topic discussions to a minimum.

  9. One account per person. If you register multiple accounts, you may be removed. If your account is suspended, and you register a new account, we will automatically suspend that account and may even consider looking into taking legal action.

  10. Treat this place like your own home and treat other members like family - or better. Respect is only earned from being respectful. Use common sense, act mature, and don't take anything personal. We're all here for the cars. Remember that.

If you break these rules, a few things can happen. If the offense is severe, you'll be permanently banned without warning and will not have access to the forums at all. If the offense is minor, then you will likely be temporarily suspended. If this happens, you will be able to access the forums, but you won't be able to participate. You'll also see the title "Temporarily Suspended" below your username next to all of your previous posts in the forum.

In some rare cases we'll send out warnings for those who break the rules. However, with the shear size of our membership, we simply can't warn each person. It is your responsibility to know and abide by the rules.

Vendor Policy

Though we do have paying advertisers who help support our site, we do not allow the promotion of products and services in our public forums. Click here to find our how to promote your business on EVOtuners. Our forums are not to be used as a means to produce revenue for your business. Do not use our public forums to announce new products, pricing, availability, market feedback, etc. This applies to ALL vendors who participate on our site - both sponsors and non-sponsors. Sponsors are allowed to promote their business in our Vendor Announcement forum ONLY. They are not to discuss their products outside that forum.

  1. No spam, self promotion or advertising of products you sell or services you provide outside the Vendor Announcement forum in any way - PERIOD. Vendors are encouraged to share their knowledge with our members in the tech forums, not discuss their products or services. Soliciting our members via the Private Message feature or Email Feature of our website is also strictly against the rules and can get you banned instantly. Do not send any unsolicited messages to our members.

  2. The posting of links, phone numbers, addresses, logos, or banners in your signature or in your posts is strictly prohibited. Posting a link to your website in your member profile is acceptable. Sponsors may post links in the Vendor Announcement forum. Site sponsors are also allowed to post the name of their business in their signature, but it cannot contain a URL (ex: "EVOtuners" is allowed, "" is not).

  3. Mentioning your products in a thread where a user is not specifically asking about your products is prohibited. When a member does ask about your products, keep the discussion tech-related. There should be no mention of pricing, product availability, ordering info, contact info, etc outside the Vendor Announcement forum.

  4. We don't allow customer service discussions in the forums. Resolve all issues outside of our forums.

Sponsors do receive the special privilege of posting in the Vendor Announcement forum, but the rules above apply to everyone. Our moderating team will remove all content that we feel violates this policy in the public forums. This means that messages containing spam-like content will be edited or removed completely. If the vendor continues to violate the policy, they may be temporarily suspended or banned permanently. If you want to get the word out about your products/services or your business, contact us about advertising on our site. Do not use our forums as a marketing tool.

Signature/Avatar/Profile Photo Policy

Signatures, avatars and profile photos are all used for identification purposes on our site. This being an auto enthusiast-based site, we would like them to be used for displaying a small photo of your car so that others can easily identify what you drive.

  1. The signature area should only be used for a small photo of your EVO and your name. Only ONE non-animated photo of your EVO is allowed - no other vehicle photos should be posted unless you DO NOT own a EVO. In that case only, we will allow a small photo of your primary vehicle. Dimensions of your photo must be no larger than 250 pixels wide and 250 pixels tall. The filesize cannot exceed 50k. Absolutely NO URL's, domain names, links, addresses, or phone numbers are allowed.

  2. Avatars should be limited to a photo of your car. No animations please.

  3. Profile photos should also be limited to a photo of your car. No animations please.

If your signature/avatar/profile photo is removed by the Moderating Team, then you probably didn't adhere to this policy. Do not attempt to challenge the removal or attack the moderators for removing your sig/avatar/profile photo - both in your new signature or anywhere else in the forums. We feel the rules are very simple and make sense for everyone. Don't get banned over something as trivial as a signature, please.

Terms of Use

By contributing or submitting content in the form of forum postings, photographs, or any other content, you automatically grant (or warrant that the owner of such rights has expressly granted) us an irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable and worldwide right and license to use, copy, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create derivative works from and sell and distribute such materials or incorporate such materials into any form, medium or technology without compensation to you. In addition, you warrant that all so-called moral rights in those materials have been waived. None of the materials shall be subject to any obligation of confidence on the part of EVOtuners.

Privacy Policy

EVOtuners respects the privacy of our visitors and site members. We commit ourselves to protecting your privacy and explain in detail what information we collect and how it is used below.

What we collect
EVOtuners collects personal information from you when you register to participate, enter a contest, or complete a survey on our website. Personal information consists of your email address, first name, last name, password, street address and zipcode. If you enter a sweepstakes, contest or survey we may also ask you for some demographic information such as your age or income range. Other information collected may include your IP address, browser type and operating system.

How we use this info
The information collected is used for administration purposes and to help improve the services we provide. This information will not be sold, rented or disclosed in any way to outside parties unless required to do so by law. We also may disclose aggregated information (for example, X number of our viewers visit the Gallery section) to third parties.

Use of cookies
We set and access cookies on your computer each time you access our website. These cookies are used to determine whether you have been to our website before, to automatically store your password, and to ensure the efficient use of ad rotation.

This policy is subject to change, so please check back periodically. Direct all questions regarding this policy to the webmaster.

Email Policy

Why we don't allow registrations using free email accounts (like Hotmail or Yahoo):

Free web-based email accounts make it difficult to block banned users from posting in our forums. It's easy to setup multiple free email accounts, which makes it possible for an individual to setup multiple EVOtuners accounts using different email addresses. This creates an obvious problem when trying to keep problem members out for good.

You must use a unique email address to register on our site. This can be one issued to you by your ISP , a registered domain name, or your office email address. Those are your only options available if you're interested in posting messages or content on our site. We apologize to all those people who depend on free web-based email accounts to do their web browsing, but we must take all the necessary steps to ensure that our community maintains a high level of quality. Again, we apologize for the inconvenience. Please do not ask us to make an exception for you - we will not.

If you would like to set up your free email account to receive notifications from our site because you rarely check the email account you registered with, it is possible to do so. Most free email accounts allow you to check email from multiple accounts. For example, in Yahoo Mail, you can go to Mail Options > Mail Accounts. Then set up a new account using the username/password/server path from your ISP email account (the one you registered with). Another way to do it is to set up a Rule in Outlook (for your registered email account), that forwards all email from EVOtuners to your free email account. We hope this helps.

AOL Policy

What you should know if you use an AOL account to connect to our site:

If you are an AOL user, you may find it difficult to participate on our site. Without going into heavy detail on how vBulletin (our forum software) works, let us just say that AOL makes it difficult for forum administrators to ban specific AOL members from posting. AOL uses dynamic IP addresses, which means that many AOL users share the same IP address. This means that if we ban an AOL IP address, many other AOL users can potentially be affected when trying to login to our site.

We apologize if this happens to you, but you'll have to take it up with the people at AOL - not us. They choose to use dynamic IP addresses, which makes it difficult on all forum administrators. They've also shown no interest in helping sites like ours solve the problem or track down fraudulent or problematic users of their service. Until they change the way they conduct business and the way they address site owners like us, we'll continue to encourage all AOL users to consider alternate ways of connecting to the internet, especially if you plan on participating in online discussion forums like ours.

About Us

EVOtuners is in no way affiliated with Mitsubishi Motors. We are a web community which promotes the sharing of ideas and communication between all of our members in a respectful and honest manner.

Our Mission
The number one goal of EVOtuners is to promote the modifying of EVO cars for increased performance. Enthusiasts visit our site to learn what products are available for their EVO, to hold discussions about these products, and to discuss the act of modifying their EVO with other enthusiasts. We cater to the performance enthusiast, promoting the sharing of information and ideas regarding modifications, parts, and the results of those modifications.

EVOtuners takes pride in a community that's friendly, helpful and knowledgable. Register today to share photos of your car, the ability to search our Forums Archives, and participate in an active and helpful community.

This site is owned and operated by Speed Tuners Network, LLC. We own and operate a small network of community websites focused on tuning and modifications for high performance driving. Our network of sites include:,, and

For information regarding advertising on EVOtuners, click here...

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