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13.4 @ Sac Raceway

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I bogged the living hell out of my first few launches which was embarassing but I redeemed myself by improving to a 13.4

I will post the slip when I get into my office on Monday. I'm still getting the hang of the AWD launch but my last three runs were much better then the first few. I need to get an exhaust soon before I return to the baby needs to breath :D
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The slip......

Here it is


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there's the 60' foot I was looking for... 1.8 is pretty 13.4 might be your time without a whole lot of room to improve...maybe faster shifting and a slightly better launch could bring you into a 13.3 or 13.29 or somthing

either way, 13.4 is really good:thumb:

also...what is the car you ran against that got the 13.6 @ 103?
also...what is the car you ran against that got the 13.6 @ 103? [/B][/QUOTE]

93 Z28 Camaro with some mods
Quite a bit in the last year +

WORKS P2 Brain Flash

HKS 264/272 camshafts
HKS Cam Gears
Power Enterprises Timing Belt - Installing these 3 soon. Just need to find time to install, reflash and tune.

K&N Air Filter
Greddy Type-S BOV
SAMCO Intercooler Hose Set
SAMCO Radiator Hose Set
Helix 3" Downpipe
Helix Hi-Flow Cat
HKS Cat-Back Exhaust
Greddy Turbo Timer
Endless Vita Nouva Break Pads
Goodridge Stainless Steel Break Lines
MR Vortex Generator - Installing 3/3
Cusco Rear V Brace / Strut
B&M Short Throw Shifter - Installing 3/3
Autometer Cobalt Boost/EGT Gauges
Sparco 3-point harness
Perrin Oil Catch Can
Extra Set of Stock wheels with Hoosiers

I have no idea what kind of power I'm putting down. We'll see once I get my cams installed
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I think Trax was wondering what mods you had when you ran your 13.4 @ 101... were you stock back then or mild mods?

Stock Exhaust, ECU Flash, AEM Intake and Greddy BOV when I pulled the 13.4
EVOKach said:
Stock Exhaust, ECU Flash, AEM Intake and Greddy BOV when I pulled the 13.4
Hey man, some friends and I are going up this coming Friday to do some runs at Sac (Test N Tune from 6-10pm). You should head out if you can. I'll be testing out my new setup and doing some much needed tuning.

I will actually be in town and should be able to make it out.

You guys heading out there? Looks like I can make it but I wanted to make sure you guys were coming up as well.
Hey Kachur, it was nice to be able to meet up with you. Hope you had a little more luck than me at the end there. Once I got my boost controller taken care of the car started misfiring pretty bad. I never did get a good clean run in with the 100 octane and 19 lbs of boost. The best I could do was 12.7 @ 109 mph on 16 lbs. Oh well, it was fun just getting some runs in and watching everyone else do their thing. A couple guys I was there with were running their cars for the first time and they did fairly well.

What track days you planning on hitting up this month or next? We're probably going to look into a Thunderhill day at the end of June. Funny enough, that's one of the only tracks I haven't had my car on in Norcal.
Luda. equally as nice meeting you and your boys. I was on the bring on of blowing a coil pack which happened today so I had terrible luck plus my non-willingness to launch the car put me at 13.4 @ 108. I have some work to fix her but I should be at thunderhill on 27th with the Golden Gate Lotus Club. After today I had to promise the wife no racing until I get a daily driver. Looks like I will be heading out shopping soon. :thumb:
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