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2003 Evolution 8 Sputterin

Hey I just got a Evo 8 that was mildly fixed up it has
Upgraded FMIC
Blitz Boost Controller
K&N Typhoon intake
Boost solenoid disconnected mod
TurboBAck no cat exhaust system

Pipe from Turbo to Lower Intercooler seems to be broken so I sorta patched it up but
I have a problem all my SafcII settings are set correctly but
my car sputters and cant pass 3k rpm , I changed spark plugs and it stopped but returned again, whats the gapping for spark plugs anyone know what it could be ? also I could only boost 9 psi or 13 psi because of the sputter. just wierd someone help please.

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Replace that lower IC pipe. A "sort of patched it up" repair will not handle boost.... this is causeing all of your problems.


PS: No such thing as a 2001 Evolution VIII
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