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2006 Rewards Program

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In order to help give back to the EVO community and promote the type of environment that we feel our site is all about, we've come up with some ways to reward our members who go to the track, our members who contribute to the site, and those who do both. As you may already know, our mission is to distinguish ourselves as a performance oriented EVO site by encouraging vehicle modifications and sanctioned racing events instead of street racing. So to help further our cause, we will be rewarding those who do the following:

1. EVOtuners Sponsored Driver
We will choose various members of our site to become EVOtuners Sponsored Drivers. This program is geared towards the serious weekend racer who already has secured sponsorship or is looking to secure sponsorship to help cover the costs of their racing schedule. The driver must be planning on participating in at least 5 sanctioned racing events per year and provide the schedule up front (road racing, autocross, rallycross, or drag racing). The sanctioning bodies accepted are SCCA, NASA, NHRA, IDRC, or another well known organizing bodies. You must post a follow-up race diary with at least 5 photos from each event within a week of the event date. The race diary/write-up should be at least 4 paragraphs long and the content should be exclusively posted here on our site - it should not be posted anywhere else on the web. In return, we'll create a customized homepage that promotes your car and your sponsors, we'll link this page next to each of your posts on our site, we'll reimburse your yearly membership fees for your racing program (up to $50) after your first full season with us and you'll receive a free EVOtuners t-shirt. We'll also work on getting you discounted parts, and/or free parts. The more interest you help us build in legalized forms of racing, the more we'll be able to offer in terms of parts discounts/freebies. Obviously, we'd like you to display a small EVOtuners decal on your car to show your appreciation for the site. We'd also like you to be an "active" member of our site and bring in other EVO friends who share your passion for EVO racing so they can participate in this program. The more members you bring in, the more we'll be willing to do to help with your racing effort.

2. Race Diary Rewards
Since not all those who race are serious enough to take on sponsors, we've come up with a way to help reward the lower level weekend racer. It's simple; participate in an event (road racing, autocross, rallycross, drag racing) and post a write-up in the appropriate Racing forum that highlights the event with at least 5 photos and we'll send you a t-shirt or reimburse your entry fees for the event (up to $25 per event, one reimbursement per month). This doesn't have to be an actual race event. It can be a HPDE/driver education course or practice session, but it should take place on a closed course, meaning no street racing stories. A minimum of 4 paragraphs is requested and the content should be exclusively posted here on our site, nowhere else on the web. Just email us a copy of the entry receipt or other proof of your participation and a link to your write-up on our site. Obviously, we'd like you to display a small EVOtuners decal on your car to show your appreciation for the site during your events. Here is an example of a good post-event write-up by one of our DSMtuners Sponsored Drivers:

Do something half as good as that and you'll be considered.

3. Event Photo Coverage
If you attend any type of racing events that take place on a closed race course, take a camera with you. We'd like you to take photos at the event and post them in the forums. This can be an event that your friend was racing in, a NHRA pro race, a driver education event, etc - any event that has an EVO participating in it. Take a minimum of 20 photos from the event and post them in our forums and we'll send you out a free EVOtuners t-shirt of your choice.

4. Submit a How-To Article
Everyone loves reading articles submitted by other enthusiasts that guide them through an installation or modification. If you document an installation by taking photos and writing a detailed article that other members can benefit from, we'd love to have you submit it to our site. Submit 3 articles and receive a free EVOtuners t-shirt. The articles will be reviewed for quality by our Moderating team. Your photos should be hosted on our site using the Attachment feature. No linking to an article or photos hosted on another site.

These rewards will only be given for content contributed in 2006. Past contributions prior to January 1st, 2006 will not be considered. Events covered and/or participated in must have taken place in 2006, not before. To claim your Rewards once you've posted your content, send me an email with a link to your post, your shipping info, t-shirt size and link to the t-shirt choice (if applicable), and we'll get the process rolling.
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