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I'm sure many of you have read about the 24hrs of lemons in various car mags.
If not, you need to check it out on The 24 Hours of LeMons
Here's the deal. Me and my buddies will be participating in it when it rolls up to CT in August
We already purchased a car for $250, a 1996 VW Jetta 2.0. The car was stripped out completely save for two front seats, dash and shifter. It runs strong, but was deemed totaled a few months ago.
Why I'm writing this....
Well, to participate you need to have the full complimentary safety gear. I already have a Snell 05 helmet. I'm looking for fire resistant clothing. Either single layer 3.2/A1 or 3.2/A3 suits and fire retardant longjohns. Or for the higher price...3.2/A5. Obviously they must be SFI or FIA approved.
I'm also looking for nomex gloves, nomex hood and driving shoes. I've checked around on a few sights and found suits for various prices.
Do any of you have any of the above listed you are lookin to part with for cheap or know of anyone or some special site to purchase from?
I'm a size 54 suit.....32inseam 32 waist, 42 chest. Medium gloves.

Yes I know this an Evo site and I'm racing a Jetta. But finding an Evo that runs for less than $500 is pretty tough
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