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I had another BRR SCCA event today. After yesterdays meet and hangout I was a little tired.
I woke up at 630am giving myself about another hours worth of sleep.
I'm accompanied by Babyface and Dan(burg) down to the auto-x.
We head out at exactly 730am. We cruise over on 66 then head down 88, we stop off at Sheets and grab some good ole grubby breakfast there. After we munch there we continue on our way. We arrive in Verona at about 950. I immediately get to work of changing my wheels and tires out. As they are finishing up chaning those out, I check in and then go walk the course.
The start is set up great for people that can launch, i.e. me. There are also 2 straights. These straights look long enough to wear I might have to grab 3rd gear. After the 2 straights there is a set of esse turns then 3 180 degree turns.
I'm again in SM class. I walk back over to the car and the Corvair owner from 2 weeks ago walks over and says, "...and you said last week was your only event." I laugh and apologize for 'lying' to him but assure him this just kinda fell into place. We talk for a bit and he notifies me that because of how bad I beat him last week, he went out and bought new tires. Hoosier R comps 255/45/16 rear and 235/40/16 front. Him and his buddy will be driving it today.
Also present: the black 06 Z06 on R comps (this course really favors him) Lynn in his 03 ZO6 on R comps, a pully prepped Neon running 3degrees of negative front camber and a host of old school Civics.
My run group is 2nd up. I do my best to pay attention to the first cars that are out running trying to pick out the fast guys and watch their lines. I really wish I wasn't running so early.
When my group is called up, I'm the last one to line up. I'm immediately moved towards the front, why I have no idea.
The FTD at this point is a 50.4 posted by one of the Civics. I know I can easily beat that.
My first run, I run a sloppy 49.9 pushing too hard. I blow the 2nd 180degree turn. I know I have FTD at this point, now its time to improve.
One of the other competitors approaches me and wants a ride. Sure not a problem. I adjust my air pressures and head out.
On my 2nd run, I'm outta control. I'm all over the place, I blow the entrance to the hairpin after one of the straightaways, then blow my entrance to the esses. I run a horrible 50.3 and immediately apologize to him for my poor performance. I again adjust my air pressures to keep the car planted.
My third run I'm in more control, on the 2nd straightaway, I pull 2nd gear to 8600rpm where I bounce off my rev limiter. I enter the esses a little too hard and then again almost blow the entrance to the 2nd 180degree turn. I'm still able to pull off a 49.8. I have a LOT left in the car. I make adjustments again to my air pressures based on where I'm rolling to on my tires.
One thing to learnin auto-x, slower is faster. By me tryin to push too hard, I was going slower. So by 'slowing' down, I'd be smoother, thus faster.
I launch hard on my 4th run, breakin all 4 tires loose and going sideways through the first gate. My R compounds are struggling to hold on with on 20lbs out of my little 16g. I grab 2nd gear and stay in it for about .5 sec before I stab the brakes and load the front tires. I complete the first tight turn and nail it for the 1st straight. I make a beautiful entrance to the hairpin and down shift to first. The car is really planted and she pulls out great in 1st gear, I grab the shifter and go to yank it into 2nd and GRRRRRRRRRRRINDDDDDDDD. DOH!!!! I missed 2nd. The thought runs through my head to dump the run, but I press on. I quickly press the clutch back in and engage 2nd gear and rocket away. I finish the 2nd straight away, tap the brakes and make the swithbacks easily. I slow my approach to the esses and make a great line through them slithering through like a snake. I make the 1st 180 degree turn, and get in the throttle. My tires are grippin, but my suspension doesn't want to work. I axle hop through 1st but press on.
Instead of comin in hard to the 2nd 180degree turn, I get on the brakes sooner. I come in slower, but get back on the gas sooner and am able to swing the car out wide to set myself up for finishing the 2nd 180degree turn. I rocket out of it go to grab 2nd and GRRRRRRIIIIIINNNNNDDDD again!!!!!! SHIT!!! WTF!!!!!! I know I blew this run, but I make the 3rd 180degree turn and press on to the stop garage.
I roll through and approach the timing booth. People are clapping again, I IMPROVED to a 47.7.
So I blow to shifts but still run faster. How does that work? Easy. I went slower. I'm not saying by missin the shifts that helped, but twith , the problem areas I had...the hairpin, entering the esses and the 2nd 180degree turn, I slowed my approach...that simple.
But I DID screw up, I left the door open for the zo6's to step in and take it from me.
The Corvair in the meantime has posted a fast lap of 49.94, .2 off my best. Again I beat him, and again he is pissed at me.
The 2nd run group is when the prepped Neon and the 06 zo6 are up.
I'm busyin changin my tires cause I have to work the next run group.
I listen to 103.1 and hear the times. The neon and zo6 are able to post low 50sec to high 49sec times, but are both unable to beat me.
4th run group heads out and I got to my work station. I'm working with the Corvair driver, haaha.
The run group contains the older zo6's and a few other cars. On the red zo6s 4th and final run, you can see he is moving the car along great. He's hittin his marks and really gettin it. I'm sweatin at he crosses the line, 49.9xx. Not enough to get me but enough to grab 2nd overall from the Corvair.
The 5th run group runs in the rain but there werent' any cars in there for me to worry about.
At the end of the day, people are talkin about the run groups. The subject of SM class gets brought up. Turns out there are more SM cars this year than ever before. Not only that, but its the fastest and tightest SM field they've ever had. Then someone says, "But there is one problem....only one guy wins that class and on top of that, he's the fastest car here."
I got lucky today. I messed up pretty bad but was able to equalize what I screwed up. I had .4 left in the car unlike last week where I ran as fast as I could and couldn't get any faster.
The competition is steppin up now. I really have to be on my game to attempt to stay on top.
Times and points should be posted later tonight. I'll also look for some pics
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