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5th Gear Grind on Racetrack

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I have driven my RS at least 2,000 of its total 10,500 miles on the racetrack. I have been to every road course in California (7 tracks) and one in Nevada in the 4 months I have had the car.

Up 'til now, I thought it was bullet proof. It is built like a tank and nothing ever breaks at the track.

But last weekend at Big Willow, I started to feel a slight "grind" on the 4th to 5th upshift, as if my 5th gear synchro is starting to wear out. If I make absolutley sure the clutch is all the way in and make a sort of deliberate hesitation between the 4th and 5th gates, it doesn't happen. I was really only noticing it on the long front straight, where I was revving very high and rowing through the gears quickly.

I have only felt it once on the freeway and never on the street. Does anyone else have this problem?
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Wow, you would think these trannies would be up to the task of running open track days. Hopefully it's just a matter changing out some fluid.
I get the 5th gear grind if I skip gears, but not from a 4th to 5th shift...... but I am not at high RPM when I do a 4th to 5th since I don't do open track racing. I think skipping gears puts more strain the the syncros, but after enough small strains the same damage will be done as a small amount of large strain events. Mitsubishi's seem to always have synocro issues.


I've not had any problems with the tranny, but I have not been to a track either. Are you still on the stock clutch?
Yeah, stock clutch. It seems to be able to handle the extra power. I probably have about 100 crank hp more than stock.
My buddy Chris had one of the First EVO8's to come to america and he had same problem... its factory error and you get your 5th gear syncro replaced for free by dealership (he did)
grind in 5

there is a tech bulletin on the 2-3 upshift and the 4-5 upshift. if your car does this there are new and improved synchro's for it and the dealer will install for free
try syncromesh it works great!!! it should take away the grind.
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