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A question About Evo's

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Im looking to get out of the eclipse/talon/laser/galant scene, im looking into getting an evo, but not any ordinary evo, any of the Evo's 1-3, but, i dont know what needs to be done for legalization and or the expected price, ive already located two Evo's, an Evo I and an EvoIII, so if anyone could interest me with some support i would appreciate it greatly.
thank you,

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well i can tell you that your probally wanna go thru a agency that can legalise japanese cars.

motorex only does skylines, so im not totally sure. i would have to say google it.

my friend had the same issues so he just applied for a dealer license and got dealer tags for his skylines and silvia. we couldnt find a company that did evo's tho, now since u can buy them stateside i dont think any places legalise them. good luck
damn does anyone know what would need to be modified to make them legal?
it is going to cost a arm and a leg from what i here. i think has a link in there for cars, maybe talk to them.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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