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Act 2900 Installed

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WELL after 7987 miles... the stock clutch said bye bye.... so i got the ACT put in with the clutch line... all i can say is WOW...:eek: .. totally different feel. you can tell when the clutch engages and it grabs HARD....still in the 500 mile break-in perod but i can tell you this for 450 shipped.... it was worth every penny!!!!!
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awesome, i am personally thinking about giving the RPS one a try. ACT would be the 2nd on my list.
nice man....i have the exeddy twin disk in min eand i love it....also the clutch that guys are using on 500whp evos
Exedy twin disc is now rated lower for tq/hp holding capacity. RPS seems to be the solution. I would probably go ACT when the time comes though.
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