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After tuning a couple of more Evo's with AFC's, I've noticed that the typical; "get the low settings and carry them over to the highs" routine is off more than I like. I've gotten the low settings fine, but when I carry them over to the highs, especially above 3500 RPM's, I found that they are too rich. On some 720's for example, I got a low throttle setting of -15% at 4000. I carried that across to 7000 in the low settings and the car was happy. I put that same -15% to the high throttle 4000 RPM point and carry it across to the end of the highs (7000). I log a run, but find that it's pig rich above 4000. Only after doing 4 to 5 more runs do I find that I should have stayed with the base setting of -25% at 4000 RPM's and above.
Is anyone else finding this to be true too?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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