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After dark meet, Ortega Hwy 12-14-04

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If you can make it, and weather permits;

Ortega Hwy. at night.
Tues. 12-14-04
Meet at 10:30/11:00 PM and have some fun.
Meet at the Chevron Station, west side of the 5 fwy, Ortega Hwy. exit.

If coming from Anaheim/L.A.;
5 fwy. south.
Exit Ortega Hwy. (74).
Make a right and get to the left turn lane quickly.
It's directly on your left.

If coming from San Clemente/S.D.;
5 fwy. north.
Exit Ortega Hwy. (74).
Make a left and cross over the freeway.
It will be on your left.

If coming from Riverside, Temecula/I.E. PM me.
As of now; 2 Evo's and 4dsm's are mando in!
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