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After dark; Ortega Hwy. 6-21-05 @ 10:30pm

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Ortega Hwy. at night!
It's that time die hards. :D
Tuesday, June, 21, 2005. We'll meet at the Chevron Station off the Ortega Hwy. exit and 5 freeway. We'll meet up and snap some pics between 10:30 to 11:00 PM and then have some fun.
There's two Chevron Stations off the Ortega Hwy. exit, so we'll meet at the western one.
Hope to see you there. :thumb:

Call or PM me about going.
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I'd love to see a couple more Evo's make it. :thumb:

MRBLAZE (fully modded Evo MR)
SilverMitsu (GS-T with T-28)
Kinetic Boost (GS-T)
ShadowWulf (N/A with nitrous)
turbo8u (turboed N/A)
Talesin (GSX with big 16g)
me :D (Evo/RS)
Fun stuff!
Fun fu(k'n turns!
You should have been there. :laugh:
Me, Jesse, and Rob/Sergio.
We got to the turn around point at Hell's Kitchen and I went back for more. :D
I forgot my camera, but Sergio filmed from Rob's car. We'll see what comes out. :thumb:
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