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i just purchased the Lynx car alarm and was wondering if anyone is familiar with this and how hard to install on an evo.
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i suggest that you guys go out and get the lynx 2000 or a similar alram. i love this alarm its got a pic of the car on the remote that tells you where the car is being broken into. You can also start the car from like a mile away. This alarm gets my aprovel.
sounds nice...the alarm comes with remote start....:thumb:
How much did it cost? I need to get an alarm soon and I'm just starting to shop around.

the shop i got it from sells them $225 shipped. i love this remote its sick....remote start,turbo timer, copld start, plus there is a pager with the pic of a car and it tells you were there car is getting broken into. i like it cause you can turn the siren on the car off and have just the pager go off. Then you can hit the guy robbing the car with a
Just tell me that you have a 5 speed or 6 speed (mr), because if you do, it doesn't matter, because you can push start your car to steal it, so the starter kill is useless. You should take it back to whoever installed it and put the starter kill relay on your fuel pump. That way if they steal it, it will stall a couple hundred feet down the road!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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