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Anodize prices?

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Well, I picked up an intercooler and I'm looking to have it anodized. Has anyone had this done? How much did they charge? How long was the process?
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I've got two places so far for Type III anodizing;
Alumin-Art Plating Co. wants $100 (all in house and close to my house)

RRE out sources for $65 (I don't know who or where)

Still have to contact Dunham Metal Processing
Ooo... I can't wait.
I dropped off my intercooler with RRE last week for anodizing (Dunham wanted $120). I'm picking it up Monday or Tuesday flat black.
POOF... my intercooler is going to disappear. :D
nice!! post some pics definitely.but how much will it affect the cooling effeciency?
Pics are coming as soon as it's in. :thumb:
Anodizing does nothing to it's thermal efficency. It's a several step process that builds (oxidizes) a fine and hardened layer of aluminum. Then it is dyed the color you desire. Since it really doesn't cover the fins like paint does it doesn't change efficency;
ahh i see i might give this a try when i get a new ic in the future ;)
No. Robert told me the turn around would be 2-3 days. It's now into the third week. When I called last week it had been sent out with 1500 other pieces and they're waiting for them to come back. The more pieces to be anodized, the cheaper it is. I'm getting what I paid for. :|
hey but three weeks, jesus. Just get it back and go somewhere where you know ull be safe, and get a good job, even if it is a little more pricey
ahh i see cheaper by bulk,not too bad if youre not in a hurry to get it installed.
I'll be picking it up tonight... finally. :|
Got it. Just have to pick off some styrofoam. :thumb:
Good luck seeing this in the shadows and behind black mesh. :laugh:


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nice!! now theyre gonna know your car as just a lancer with an evo kit ;)
evo_dadi said:
nice!! now theyre gonna know your car as just a lancer with an evo kit ;)
Mando! It's on, shaved the badges, and it's one evil looking Lancer!
There was a 1-2psi pressure drop so I need to pick up the boost some and get it back in tune.
I'll have some pics up tonight. :D
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