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any one what this is...

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hey i always see this on the new evos but not on mine.
do you see it is the aluminum line coming out the exhaust manifold(i think is aluminum)then it goes across the head then it goes back towards the firewall.....I am asking this because my car doean't have it.:(


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turbolarry said:
Antilag system not available on USDM Evo's.
What is the purpose of this antilag? Is there a reason why it is not available in usdm evo's?
Just curious...
I want that! damn japenese get all the good toys!
The JDM cars had it to comply with homologation rules so it could be used on the EVO's in rally racing. It destroys turbos pretty fast if you use it on a regular basis.

It injects fuel into the exhaust manifold so there's cumbustion right in the runners and the energy goes right to the turbine spolling it up. I wouln't mind playing with it some day... when I have turbos just sitting on the shelves (what Fourdoor said). :laugh:

SicLanEvo said:
I want that! damn japenese get all the good toys!
If you really want it, there is a way with a fully programable fuel management system. :shhh:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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