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Apexi garage sale... need AFC II?

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It's that time of year.
I'll be going Sat.
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turbolarry said:
It's that time of year.
I'll be going Sat.
if there are cheap AFC's there I would be intersted, to bad I don't live in CALI... I think im going to be going gm maf and maf-t setup for my dsm anyways...
The early bird catches the Apex worm/I.E.'ers who want to roll together early Saturday (3-12-05);
Let's meet at the In-n-Out off of Serfas and the 91 fwy at 8:00 am. We'll role out at 8:15 am for you slow draggers. :laugh:

1. turbolarry

PM me for directions/questions and get your coffee ready. :D
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