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Well... another excuse for a sale. Halloween.... Modifying your Evo is a good way to put a scare into someone. Looking for a bigger turbo or better suspension? Here you go! Buschur Racing and Apexi USA have you covered.

Until October 31, 2006 we will be offering the Apexi RX6 Turbo Kit and the Apexi N1 EXV Dampers at special pricing!

The APEXI "Isamu" RX6B turbo kit is the flagship series from A'PEXi. All Isamu kits incorporate the world acclaimed IHI RX6 turbine. This kit runs an external wastegate and comes complete with all necessary hardware. The Mitsubishi Evolution Isamu turbo kit is also distinguished by the high precision exhaust manifold. This manifold is beautifully TIG welded using SUS304 high grade stainless steel. The RX6 turbo is a high precision ball bearing turbo offering large horsepower gains without compromising the low end power band. A racing wastegate comes standard with the kit allowing for stable boost pressure. The kit comes with all necessary gaskets and hardware.

BUSCHUR RACING SPECIAL PRICE: $3750 SHIPPED (in the lower 48 States)

The N1 ExV Damper is the newest edition to Apexi's high performance street line of coilover suspension. The Expert Type V (ExV) is a full coilover suspension featuring a threaded base for precise ride height adjustment without compromising shock or spring travel. We have taken our street suspension to the next level for 2006 by including high performance upper mounts and 32 way ride quality adjustment for street cars that are used at the track as well. The spring rates and internal valving of the ExV has been completely refined for excellent ride quality and sports driving. The ExV was designed to cater exclusively to US market vehicles. With this in mind, internal components have been specifically engineered to withstand harsher road conditions and increased wear caused by everyday street driving. The Expert Type V was developed based upon user requests for a high performance damper that doesn't carry a typical racing suspension price tag. This system stands as our commitment in providing our customers with the ultimate in quality and affordability.

NOTE: This is the same suspension used on the Buschur Racing World's Quickest Evo as well as David Buschur's 9sec. Daily Driven Evo RS.

BUSCHUR RACING SPECIAL PRICE: $1125 SHIPPED (in the lower 48 States)

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. Thank you
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