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Meet at 12:00 noon @ the Target in Tanasbourne mall area (Beaverton, Oregon)

Crossroads are Evergreen pwky and 185th.

(Its visible from the US-26 185th street exit.)

We will stay till about 1-1:30pm or so before doing the Cruise.

The cruise part of the event will be the same as the last few Meets i've put on although we will be doing it at a reasonable pace this time so noone wear's there brakes or spins out or does anything that there car shouldn't be doing.

If you have gone to one of these in the pasts you know we always end of staying at the parking Target parking lot a little bit later then what is posted but usualy due to the fact people arrive late, so lets try to be on time guys.

Also we will be eating at Hooters after the cruise portion of the day.

After Hooters people usually head on home but if they want to hang out in the Hooters parking lot or go for another, more spirited drive then that is up to everyonewho wish's too.

We have had between 10-30 cars attend the past few events and its a great way to get to know your local tuners and fellow car enthusiasts.

Other than that I'm sorry to say this will be the last event I plan before I move to Arizona end of April for School. But ill be back about a year and a half from now.

Anyways hope to see you all Sunday @ Noon

I don't mind if other forums are invited as long as you stick to my no Honduh/acura fwd pos rules.
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