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Hi guys!

Anybody in Phoenix, Arizona for a meet/mini meet or local car club, I'm new in the area.

[email protected]
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whats up man I live in the phoenix area hit me up sometime

[email protected]
az evo

:dsm: hey i live in az to just got my evo hit me up
Hey guys, new to the forum. What part of Phx everyone from?
you guys know anyone out in southern new mexico?
hey guys, just wondering if anyone can recommend a good tuning shop in the swouthwest, im kinda in the middle of no where here in southern new mexico so i know i'll be making a trip regardless, hope you guys can help, i've looked online but most places seem a little sketchy, plus Im sure I will need a dyno to tune the stand alone, thanks for the help!
Just thought I'd post this here...this event is this weekend! April 10th! Hope some of you can make it!!!

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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