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Average Payments

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Hey guys, I was just wondering what your average monthly payments are and how much you put down and what year evo you guys have. I'm trying to get an idea of what I can expect to pay monthly for my car. Thanks :dsm:
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hmmm so no one leased their evo??! WTF
CodyGo587 said:
hmmm so no one leased their evo??! WTF
Is that what you meant by "average payments"? I didn't even know they gave leases on the Evo, nor have I heard of average payments. I have the same payment every month just like on every car I've ever bought.

I have an 05 MR on which I paid MSRP the day it arrived on the truck with no money down @ 3.99%, so my payments are $660/month for 5 years.
Since i work at a dealership i might be able to help you out with this. First of all i really dont think they lease EVOs. A lot of dealerships wont even let you test drive them unless you put a deposit on it. Next, you payments will be different for everyone. How much money are you putting down on it? Hows your credit? How long of a loan are you looking for? Are you trading another car in for the evo? Depending on all the stuff i mentioned above, can make payments range by a couple hundred bucks. So payments will be different for everyone. Let me know if that helped out. Later

This is not any type of endorsement for this site, or it's loans. It just has a loan calculator to help you out. Enter the purchase price, how long you want to pay, and what intrest rate you can get;

IMO leases suck. You pay all that money and in the end nothing to show for it. Buy your car.
Also, if your buying new, secure your financing before going to the dealer. Going through their finance dept. is just another way to get more money out of you.
You can lease any car you want. The reason you don't see many getting leased is because your payments will end up being the same even if you buy it. most people who want a evo are looking to keep it. Average payments will very depending on which model you are talking about, APR, down payment and how long you want to take the loan over. let me know that kind of stuff and i will give you a exact number.
I'm most likely gonna be putting about $5,000 down and then just paying it off from there. Thanks for the help guys :thumb:
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