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Better Turbo?

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I am planning on buying and Evo before winter, probably august-sept. I was wondering if what your thoughts were on the GT3540R vs BR580 kit? I am going to purchase and 03 or 04 instead of an 06 and would have some money to play with so the thought popped into my head. Any opinions are appreciated, thanks!
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What turbo is used in the BR580 kit?
Are you going for all out power?
Where do you want it to spool?
Is this a daily driver, track, 1/4 mile; how is the car going to be used?
I was actually interested if anyone here had experience with either kit. The car will mostly be 1/4 mile/track.
larry i searched around on google. basically i cannot find that turbo on BR's site. only other sites seem to have it for sale.

also i was reading on other turbos they make, namely the BR440. they say spool is slightly slower than stock. mmm hmm, you know my turbo would barely make 400 if i did everything right, therefore you would need something slightly bigger than what i got. which means the spool time would go up more. but slightly slower than stock? mine already spools 1200 slower than stock, so theirs would only take longer.

which leads me to my next thought, they dont gove very much information considering they are trying to sell you a $3k+ piece of non-precious metal.

STK8806, i would go with the 35R kit because there doesnt seem to be much info on the BR kit. also the 35R seems to be more widely used
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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