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building a wish list need help

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get to pick up my evo this weekend... and would like to know what would be some good first performance mods..

getting a cat back .. What would you recommend i was thinking HKS

i would just like to get an idea on this . i had a gsx a long time ago. got into mustangs and now i got an evo 8 :D :D

thanks :dsm: :thumb:
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The most restrictive part in the exhaust is the catalyc converter. Apart from that, the exhaust diameter is very small. I'd get a full turboback 3 or 3.5 inch lightweight exhaust. SS DP and titanium catback would be cool, but mega bucks...

Start with gauges to see what's going on and go from there (boost, EGT, AFR, oil pressure and maybe oil temp if you drive it very hard).
hey thanks man... i plan on getting gauges and exhaust
When I get an EVO, I was planing for 3" dp/high flow cat and 3.5" catback. I see you mentioned 3.5", who makes it, any links?
12secEVO said:
When I get an EVO, I was planing for 3" dp/high flow cat and 3.5" catback. I see you mentioned 3.5", who makes it, any links?
Trust make an 80 mm diameter exhaust; that's 3.15 inches. I've seen bigger, but it is probably not needed for under 500 bhp. I've got this on another Japanese turbo car I own, and it performs well. Only the muffler is stainless steel though. But it's cheap ;) :D
It wont cause any decrease in performance....

But if nobody makes a 3.5...then I wont bother.
They just started making them for DSM's a few months back. I don't see the need since a 3inch runs 10's

On supras I've seen a 4inch exhaust and DP. :eek:
I would recommend some of the first things to get would be a boost gauge to see what's going on with your boost. Next a good boost controller. You will notice a big difference in holding 19psi to red. Also a better BOV if you notice on your gauge that you can't really hold 19psi. I know of one case where this guy had a greddy profec b spec 2 and couldn't hold more than 17psi due to the stock dv. It could be worth an extra 20-25whp up top.

Once you have your boost addressed then I would move into freeing up the flow with a full 3inch turboback with a high flow cat or test pipe. Then a good intake. Be careful though because you might loose power with the intake. That's when you need some type of fuel management and the abilitliy to tune for your mods or you can opt for the Dynoflash from Al. I have seen much success with it.

After all of this you should be around the area of 300 to 330 whp depending on your tune and octane.
You can pick up even more power by upgrading the intercooler and piping.

After that you will be moving into the more complicated mods such as; cams; bigger turbo; and the ultimate in engine control, a full stand alone.
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After doing a some research on turbo-backs. I think the buschur with magnaflow muffler is the most practical. You keep the lower tie braces, its is very light weight, it shows good power gains, and it sounds and looks nice. Right now that is the one I'm looking at the most.
If I had my druthers, I'd pickup the jic titanium, or the aps 3.5". As it stands, I chose the aps 3" system because of the resonator, ability to swap back in a cat, and near stock appearance from the rear of the car.

I've uninstalled buschur systems on a car that was switching to an APS system and I didn't like the clamps used. I do have to admit that the downpipe was very lightweight, though the flange was poorly designed and didn't allow for the exhaust to cantilever off the 02 housing as the stock was designed to do so.
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