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Cam gear install

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I'll have pics up when I put my head back on. But here is a quick rundown of how to change you cam gears and pull off/change your timing belt. I always find it to be a good idea when removing the timing belt to replace it, unless you have a kevlar like me :smile:

Small thin flat head screw driver
Long think flat head screw driver
10mm crescent wrench (not your typical wrench) again pictures to come when I put it back together
19mm wrench
17mm socket
12mm socket
3" extension for 3/8" driver
3/8" drive ratchet
1/4" ratchet
10mm for 1/4"
extenstion (3") for 1/4"
jack stand
lug wrench
2"x4" board
1/2" breaker bar
'grenade pin'

This is coming off the top of my head since I've done this 3 times already on my car
Now you can buy the tensioner tool from mitsubishi, but that costs money, lets do this the DSM way, the cheap way. Most of you former DSMers will know how to do this and know what the tensioner is what it looks like. I'm going to talk through this what many would consider the long way. I'm going to remove the valve cover and do it that way. You can do it with out removing it, but I like to hold the cam in place for the cam gear bolt I'm trying to remove. It guarentees me the cam gear isn't going to jump a tooth and possibly send a valve crashing into a piston.
First thing to do is remove the spark plug cover and undo the 6 bolts holding the 2 coil packs down then push the spark plug wires aside.
Now you want to remove all things attached to the valve cover: throttle cable, O2 sensor wire, and the various other wires and brackets that are attached to the valve cover. Now Remove all valve cover bolts, don't forget the one's near the spark plugs.
Now its time to remove the upper timing belt cover. There are four bolts, remove those then wiggle it while pulling up and out. Then take the valve cover off. Besure to inspect the valve cover gasket and spark plug o ring gasket for tears or rips. You will now have your cams and cam gears exposed.
Get that 17mm and ratchet ready along with the 19mm wrench ready. You will see the locations on the cam to put the 19mm wrench. Push on the ratchet and pull the wrench. These are on very very tight so it might be easier with a buddy. Do that to both cam gears. Do not take the bolt off completely.
Now comes the fun part thats time consuming and tests your patience.
Break the lugnuts lose and start jacking up the car. Put at jack stand under the car and remove the jack. Place the wheel right behind the jack under the car. This acts as a double precaution. If the jackstand gives the wheel will catch the car instead of your head or legs. Remove the lugnuts and wheel. Now you have to remove the inner cover that covers the lower timing belt cover. Take that flat head and pop out the plastic clips that hold it on. If I remember correctly there are only three.
Break lose the bolts on the crank pulley. Then take the breaker bar and relieve tension by placing it into the tensioner and take off the serpentine belt. Now undo the bolts for the crank pulley and remove it. Now undo the 2 bolts, the center bolt and the underbracket bolt on the tensioner.
Place that jack with the 2x4 on it under the oil pan.
Now undo the three bolts that hold the motor mount on the passenger side of the car. Now undo the big bolt that passes through the motor mount holding it to the car. Remove the motor mount.
Jack up the motor with the jack you have under the oil pan. You must remove the water pump pulley now. The easiest way to do this is to wedge the big screw driver between the pulley and the timing belt cover. This will stop the pulley from moving when you go to undo the 4 water pump pulley bolts. You need the 10mm crescent wrench to undo these bolts since they are too deep to get with a regular wrench. Once this is off its a matter of finding the rest of the timing belt cover bolts to slide it off.
Once off you need a 12mm socket and ratchet to undo the tensioner. Remove the tensioner and the timing belt will slide off.
Now that the TB is off you can undo the cam gear bolts. Pull the cam gears off and slide your new ones on. Slide your new TB on if you have one.
Put your tensioner in a vice and clamp the tensioner down. Slide your grenade pin in through the tensioner and release the vice. Once you have the TB routed, bolt the tensioner back in and pull the pin. If you can slide the pin in and out the same hole you pulled it out of everything is fine.
FYI, if you didnt' turn the cams, oil pump or crank you won't have to set everything at TDC. If you did turn anything, there are markings to guide you to TDC. On the stock cam gears you will see a tick mark for TDC. There is a pointer to get the oil pump TDC and also a pointer for the crank pulley.
Bolt your lower timing belt cover back on and repeat all steps backwards.
If you have any questions PM me.
This is a quick guide to doing this mod or replacement.
I will have pics up in about 2 weeks when I piece my car back together.
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