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Catback Exhausts

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I will probably be in the market for a catback exhaust and I was wondering what everyone else is putting on and why. I had an Apexi N1 on my 98 GS-T and I loved the sound and look of it. Anyways, fill me in.
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I went with the Magnaflow 3 inch muffler and 3 inch mandrel bends. Got it all welded up at a great local muffler shop and hit it with high temp flat black. In CA the cops are on to the big shiney exhausts. :(
I have the Buschur exhaust with Magnaflow muffler. On my old 03 it was quiet enough for long trips without a cat.... but now on my 05 RS it needs the cat in place or it will make your ears blead! Amazing how much difference 100 lbs of sound deadening material makes!

i got the RnR 3" Turbo back, with there normal axel back(didnt upgrade to hks ti or anything). Its not real loud, just deeper. I love the gains, the quality was great, and the price is what really brought me in. TBE with hi-flow cat for $775.
How much hp gain do you guys think I will get with and 3" cat-back exhaust from HKS?
I already bought it but have not installed it yet.
:dsm: :thumb:
We stay away from HP estimates because there are too many variables. You need to let us know what you got Rick because this forum is based on real world applications and facts from people like you and me. Seriously, let us know if you notice better spool up, less taper up top, loudness, etc. Tell us your impressions. That's what people really want to know. :thumb:

Take some pics too because HKS makes some really nice stuff.
I will get thos pics to you guys, now that the cat-back got installed.
I am proud to say that I did feel a difference in the pull at WOT.
I also got a BOV and a intake with filter from HKS.
I don't know if this had any affects with the difference in pull.
Just to help out, I got the HKS Carbon Ti. i live in northern AZ in flag at 7k feet, pretty quiet that high but when i go down to phx gets deeper, Sounds awsome! looks good to! EMAIL me if you want pics.
WillH19 said:
EMAIL me if you want pics.
Help us all out; we all want to see it. Post them in your gallery if you can. :thumb:
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