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Here on, we look for things that we can do differently to set us apart from other EVO sites. That's why we have sections like the <a href=>Parts Catalog</a>. Other EVO sites usually just buy forum software and open some forums hoping they attract members to make the site popular. We actually put a lot of effort into our site to make sure it's useful outside of the forums as well.

One thing we realized we could do better is to put together really good regional section resources. Many national sites out there go as far as opening regional forums, but we took it a step further and created individual homepages for each region and added some key features to help give locals the information they usually can't find on other local and national sites. Things like an extensive Link Directory with links to local SCCA and NASA groups, local race tracks, local dyno shops, etc. We put more emphasis on the Event Calendar so that our members can organize events better, and we list Upcoming Events for new members to quickly see what's going on in their region.

Check them out by clicking on your region here:

At first glance, it appears it's just a list of forums, but by clicking on a forum, you're taken to a regional homepage. You can also access your region by clicking the REGION link in the upper navigation bar.

We'll be focusing more attention on our local regional sections this year. We feel that even though people can use EVO sites that are region-specific, many times those sites don't work on providing information that the local members can use. Not to mention there's something to be said about having good regional sections AND solid national Tech Forums where people from all over can get together and share experiences. We're working hard to provide the best of both worlds, where other sites just offer the basics.
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