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Chicago Meet, Cruise and Photoshoot- August 20th

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Alright guys, Im setting up a very big cruise and photoshoot. Its going to involve DSMtuners, EVOtuners, Midwestmadness and 2GNT and some various other boards. Its gonna be a real great night and were definetly going to be taping it and making a video. Its basically the same thing as previous North vs South meets

Its taken from Previous DSMtuners meets and it has always gone very very well. I really hope we get a very big turnout because its gonna be alot of fun. Im making it a month away so you all can get off work and get some gas money.

Heres the setup, 2 places to meet up befor the cruise:

When: August 20th, 2005

GroupA will be meeting in the parking lot behind Hooters

Located in: Schaumburg

1705 East Golf Road
Schaumburg, IL 60173

Time: 7:30PM

GroupB will be meeting in the Portillos parking lot.

Located in: FORESTPARK.


Time: 8:00PM

At 8:00PM GroupA who met at Hooters in Schuamburg will cruise to ForestPark Portillos to meet with GroupB

At 9:00-9:30PM We will all Cruise out to the City. Here is the setup:

We will cruise to 290 East to Lower Wacker Drive
Merge onto S LAKE SHORE DR via the ramp- on the right.
Merge onto I-55 S/STEVENSON EXWY S toward ST LOUIS.
Take the I-90 E/I-94 E exit- exit number 293B- toward INDIANA.
Merge onto I-94 E/DAN RYAN EXPRESS LN E via the exit- on the left
Merge onto I-57 S via exit number 63 toward MEMPHIS.
Merge onto US-6 W/W 159TH ST via exit number 348.
Turn LEFT onto HARLEM AVE/IL-43 (South.)
End @ The stake –N- Shake 16110 SOUTH. HARLEM AVE. TINLEY PARK. IL 60477

Its not complicated and I will be posting maps and more in depth directions when the time gets closer. After we get a basis set up here I will be posting this on DSMtuners, EVOtuners, 2GNT and a few other sites. Its going to be a huge meet. Hope to see you all there, dont forget to bring the cameras and walkie talkies if you have them.

More information will be given as the time gets closer. See you there
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this is stupid i wont be there u know how many cops hang out where your going to drive by
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