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Cleaning Throttle Body

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Have you guys cleaned your Throttle Body? And if so, how do you do it? Do you remove the entire TB, or just slip off the intake piping and clean it that way. Also what are you using for a cleaner? I've used the CRC stuff you get at Advanced, any other suggestions would be welcomed. Also anyone use Sea Foam? I've heard it may kill your gaskets.

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Carb Cleaner...Good stuff, umm. just take off the upper ic pipe. and ur done.
Coevopower, thanks for the help. Much appreciated. Crappy thing is, my after-market I/C piping is really hard to move around. I'll have to fiddle with it tonight to see how I can remove it. Thanks again...
NP. all u have to do is just move it far enought to spray it in there, and wipe it down with a rag.
In addition to wipin' w/ a rag I would give it ample time to evaporate to open air. Hydrocarbons go "BOOM"
Yes Yes they do I did for get to mention that I am sorry.
Thanks for the advice fellas. So no cigarettes then when doin this? HA
Nah, unless u like big explosions in ur FACE
What do you use to clean the motor and engine compartment? I was recently advised to use car steam cleaner applications according to the instructions Car steam cleaning process | What is car steam clean? which helped me a lot, but how do you Do you think steam is safe to clean mirrors and windows?
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