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Hi there everyone.

Not sure if this belongs here at all, so mods, please feel free to move at your leisure, apologies in advance. :eek:

Just looking for a road-side friend. Met and had a friendly BOV exchange w/ a nice African-American gentleman this afternoon at around 2PM, on Chester at the intersection of E.55th in Cleveland, Ohio.

Red Evo8 w/tinted windows and full gauge pillar. :thumb:

Sorry to have had you rev her up w/ your lovely wife and daughter in your car - I, too, am married, and I know that my wife would have given me a hard time as well, although yours looked to be a great sport as she was wearing a nice smile on her face.

Hope you or your friends are on the Forums and see this post. Hope you found a place to eat, and hope to meet up with you again so we can chat more.

I still think that your car is much, much cooler than mine! :cool:

White 2Ga Talon w/2Gb front conversion and CF hood
"Can't pass E-Check" temp. tags :p
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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