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Cleveland, Ohio - Red Evo8 sighting

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Hi there everyone.

Not sure if this belongs here at all, so mods, please feel free to move at your leisure, apologies in advance. :eek:

Just looking for a road-side friend. Met and had a friendly BOV exchange w/ a nice African-American gentleman this afternoon at around 2PM, on Chester at the intersection of E.55th in Cleveland, Ohio.

Red Evo8 w/tinted windows and full gauge pillar. :thumb:

Sorry to have had you rev her up w/ your lovely wife and daughter in your car - I, too, am married, and I know that my wife would have given me a hard time as well, although yours looked to be a great sport as she was wearing a nice smile on her face.

Hope you or your friends are on the Forums and see this post. Hope you found a place to eat, and hope to meet up with you again so we can chat more.

I still think that your car is much, much cooler than mine! :cool:

White 2Ga Talon w/2Gb front conversion and CF hood
"Can't pass E-Check" temp. tags :p
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I dont have a red evo but i have a gray one.. also if you are familiar with Ashtabula we have a local site for all types of cars and we often have meets inbetween cleveland and ashtabula.. the site is check it out.. we arent that big but it is something local..
what is evo?

EVO is short for Evolution. It's a Mitsubishi brand. It comes tu9rbocharged from the factory and they are very fast. Hope this Helps. Mitsubishi Evolution. :laugh: :laugh:

Cleveland Used Cars
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