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hey whats up everyone? i know this site from and finally have a need to post here. i dont drive an EVO, but judging by my name im sure you can guess.

i took in the job of replacing the clutch on a salesmans at my work (car dealership). its a 03 evo. i heard they are a huge pain in the ass. how hard are they? im 19, never worked on an evo, but have years of hands on experience and am ase certified. ive done plenty of clutches/tranny swaps/motor swaps etc. the salesman doesnt want to do it because he said he researched it and said it was way too hard. i am gettin paid 400 bucks too :). i tryed a search but didnt find much info on how tough it is or any guides for it.

any help is appreciated :)

rock on evo'ers :rocks:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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