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Coilovers? Which are your favorite?

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Cusco, JIC, Tein, Ralliart? Which ones would you like to have on your EVO and why? Especially if price wasn't an issue.
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I don't know the valving or spring rates on any of the expensive Japanese brands but I've ridden in an eclipse with TEIN's and those were awesome.
I like the Öhlins HRC46 and the Proflex Evo3s (harsher but more precise). :)
if money was not a issue, Moton clubsports or penskes. Both 10,000$ suspensions :eek:
mine is Ohlin. $4000.00 but well worth it.
I've driven on the Megan's, K-Sport's and now JIC FLT-A2's. The megan's are good for street use, the k-sports are under damped in the front and the JIC's are good for autoX but are a little on the stiff side for DD duties.

Ohlins are obviously a good choice or zzyzx's koni adapter coilovers are another.

If I had an unlimited budget, Moton's or DMS 50's would be my first choice.
I am saving up for tanabe sustec pro 7. I am going all tanabe for my suspensions.
i am saving up for tanabe sustec pro 7. i am goning all tanabe for my suspentions.
Any particular reason beyond them being JDM?
Am getting Robispec KW V3s...figure they hit that perfect balance between high and low end coilovers.

Motons etc. are way over my head and out of my budget but don't feel like wasting my money on D2s etc.
I run Apexi N1 EXV. 8kg front 6kg rear.
I softened the rear up because the way I drive I get lots of oversteer, on entry and exit...not that I'm complaining. But to mitigate that I wanted a softer rear. I also wanted a suspension with adjustable dampening and spring preload that way I can dial sum oversteer back in if I wanted. I haven't really raced the car since I got it put in, but it feels great on the street.
I like the Öhlins HRC46 and the Proflex Evo3s (harsher but more precise). :)
I just don't like the price tags :)
I've only driven on 9 MR Bilsteins, Zeals Function XS, and soon Megan Track Coilovers. So obviously right now I'm partial to the handling capability of the Zeals. From what I've heard the Megans may even be able to out-peform even those!

But for the 2k price range, I'd say Zeals are badass and the Cusco's from what I understand (which I almost got instead of the Zeals) are comparable.
i am thinking of Cusco, but for now am going to order the megan street coilover and see if they do the job.. if not, then i ll sell them and get cusco

or talk to robispec and see what thy recommend
I own the tien flexes and have ridden in evos with the jic flta2, cusco zero2r, and meagans. Out of all of them, I say I like the cusco's the best of all of them.

edit: I just realized how old this thread was.
Anyone have any experience with EnduraTech coilovers? The guys at AMS recommended them to me and I was just looking for some feedback on them.
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