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Coolent in #2 again

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Yep she is broken! PURE STOCK EVO
Three weeks ago I was haveing aproblem with it missing bad above 5000 rpm it was like it hit a brick wall. Robert said it was more than likey ignition. SO I got home pulled the plugs and what do you know I had coolent in #2 spark plug well. Blown head gasket? No it is in the spark plug well not the combustiuon chamber.
(Well not untill i pull the plug out and all the coolent went into the combustion chamber ) I must of gotten in there from the factory some how that is thte only way right.??
So anyways I thought today that I might check it just in case. Well lookie here I have coolent in #2 again! I took the plug out again to lok at it boy am I dumb! Just slap me silly I have to screw up twice to learn anything. All the coolent fell back down in the combustion chamber again! SO I blew it all out and took pic of the whole thing for the Satan guys to look at. I will go to them on monday. Thank God it is a STOCK car! The warranty should cover it. Some other guys on EVO M boards have had this problem also, it was a hair line crack in the head. They got new heads. So I hope our shithole Satan dudes can fix it.
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What a pain in the ass. Hopefully they don't give you trouble. Let us know how it goes.
a crack could do it...that sux...but since your car is stock (and most simple mod wouldn't effect that) I don't think you should have a problem getting it covered in warranty

good idea taking pics.
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