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Hello everyone,

this is Przemek from, a new sponsor of the and the maker of genuine Italian leather shift and brake boots for various cars, now also available for the Mitsubishi EVO! A must-have for all those who take pride in their ride!

Has your shift boot seen better days? Perhaps you simply want to upgrade your stock vinyl pieces to finer leather?
Or maybe you're looking for the finishing touch to your custom interior? Regardless of reasons, RedlineGoods has a solution for you.

Starting with fine, buttery Italian leather, we will hand-craft new boots for your vehicle. Not only is the quality of the material top-notch, but so is the workmanship, featuring such fine details as double top-stitching. The boots are made specifically for your model (their shape is a replica of the stock design), so they fit perfectly without any modification - unlike generic boots sold by others.

Not to mention two-tone boots, which RedlineGoods will provide at no extra cost! The boots are directly from Europe, and arrive within two weeks from placing an order.

Since, as the proverb goes, a picture is worth a 1000 words, here are some of them for your enjoyment.

The price of our products is $40 for a shift boot (FLAT PRICES - regardless of the colors of leather and stitching you choose), but to put some icing on the cake, here's a 10% discount code - punch it in while ordering and you'll get 10% off immediately! 3580Q8XROT7

The code is valid till the end of October.

Click on the picture to go to the respective product page on our website, where you can easily order them with PayPal or using your credit card!



1) $40 for a single boot , minus the 10% discount code if you order while the discount code is valid.

2) You can choose from 17 colors of leather and even more colors of thread (here's our color chart). NO EXTRA CHARGE regardless of your color choices.

3) We accept PayPal and all major credit cards (online).

4) We ship within 3 business days, you'll get your order in 2 weeks in total (we're in Europe).

If you have any questions or comments, I'd be happy to hear them!

Take care,
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