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We have scheduled a dyno day for Sat. Dec. 3 @ Extreme Motorsports, Odenton, Md. This is not our regular type where someone rents it for the day, but a couple guys who want to dyno. Anyone that wants to come down and dyno, I'm setting up the schedule. It will probably run $50 for 3 pulls or so, That works out to be about 40% off or so, and less then the regular price for a single pull. If you'd like to do some tuning, let me know and I can get you a discounted rate there as well.

PM me or post for any questions or to schedule your spot. All are welcome to come on down and hang out, if enough people want to come out and do that type of thing, let me know as well, and I can bring out a grill and we can set up some food and drinks and stuff.

I will work on some special promo stuff for the day as well, and some dicounts and specials to boot.
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