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It has come to our attention that some people may end up having a bad experience with one or more of our advertisers and need to know how to voice their complaint. And since we don't allow vendor feedback to be posted in our forums, some are concerned that there is no way to determine if our advertisers are trustworthy. Though we believe all of our advertisers to be trustworthy, we want to hear from you if you have a problem with them. In an effort to help make sure we're supporting quality shops, we want to hear about any complaints or bad experiences you might have had with any advertiser on our Sponsor List:

Now, keep in mind, we only want serious complaints - not minor inconveniences like a part arriving a day or two later than expected. We want to hear from people who:

- never received their orders (after 60 days),
- received their orders over 30 days later than they were told they would,
- left 3 or more messages, and still haven't received a call back within 5 business days,
- were blatantly lied to (given false info, fake tracking numbers, etc),
- received absolutely terrible service and were not taken care of

One thing we want to let everyone know, is that many vendors in the aftermarket retail business are small shops, and some of them are overwhelmed and short-handed when it comes to resources. I personally have received over 50% of my orders later than expected (mostly over 2 weeks later). We can understand these shops running late on things, and sure, sometimes bad service happens every once in a while. But there is no excuse for regular bad customer service, and we want to make sure we're not supporting any businesses who have a habit of providing bad customer service. A few bad experiences is one thing, but when everyone seems to be complaining, there's something wrong. We want to continue to support the best vendors in the business. If nobody brings anything to our attention, then we won't know there is anything wrong.

Send me a note directly. Be sure to title the email "Advertiser Complaint" and give us all the info you can. Again, please only contact us about serious issues, not minor inconveniences. We also encourage everyone to fill in the "Favorite EVO Vendor" field in your profile in order to help steer others to the best vendors.

contact me here:

Also, if you're looking for a place to tell others about a bad vendor experience, post on our partner site


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