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Do you have these mods?

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Do u have these mods on your evo VIII preferrably an 05 model?

turbomani, o2 , downpipe, testpipe 3 inch straight pipe(no muffler), intake? STOCK turbo, Large FMIC and LICP?

I am trying to troubleshoot some problems with my car and wanted to get some referrence points.......

Also have u checked how far open the wastegate opens in refrence to the exterior of the turbo?

Please respond to this thread......thank you

Jey Morris
Team Trinity :thumb: :dsm:
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among others, I have those mods. However, I haven't checked to see how far my wastegate is opening. What is the problem you're having?

That is my prob. does that sound like anything uve encountered?

thanks for your help man.
Team trinity
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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