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dumb question boost problem

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ok so its been really cold lately i live in MA by the way and for the past like 2 or 3 weeks ive been running only like 10-12 psi and vac pressure went from like 20 up to 25-29 i have boost gauge installed and its been working properly and i just installed my mbc and bov today

can someone please tell me if theyre having the same issues or whats going on? :confused:
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Warrtalon said:
No one else will have this issue unless they have the same problem. This isn't a weather issue. What you are seeing is wastegate pressure, which is 11psi. This means you hooked something up wrong or messed up a connection when doing your boost gauge. If the boost dropped to 11psi randomly at no point in time near an installation, then I would guess something came loose or the boost control solenoid stopped working.

Ok, so you installed the MBC/BOV today. I assume it all works now, or did nothing change? If nothing changed, then something is installed wrong. Let me know exactly how you connected the vaccuum lines for the MBC, and what BOV did you install?

well yea that stuff all works correctly and ive had the boost gauge hooked up for a few months it was running 19 psi and all working correctly then when it started getting colder pretty much the colder it got the less boost it said i was running even though it was saying it it really didnt seem like i was losing any boost

i installed the hallman evolution mbc that was installed all properly and the aps twin vent bov those are working fine

i checked all vaccuum lines nothings loose or disconnected
yea there is the problem im still only boosting like 10 lbs when i was at like 19 for the longest time and its been like that for a few weeks now and i dont know why i dont know if it is the really cold weather i was hoping maybe someone would know
ok so i was fiddling around and i got it to hit 21 psi if i turn down the boost all the way it goes to like 7 psi but yes everything is working correctly and the problem seems to be solved

thanks for the help
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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