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Ebay Short Shifter Review

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Ok I wanted a short shifter bad, I was going to order the short shifter with all the bushings from lancershop, but i am still kinda strapped for cash. I started looking on ebay for one. I got one for my DSM from ebay and it came with a shift knob, Looked, felt and worked just like the B&M one it was cloning. The only problem was it was threaded for a honda shift knob, that is why it came with it's own knob. So I bought a Skunk2 Honda knob for my dsm and it was a awesome part. I figured since i still have that shift knob and I love it, I would use it on my next knock off shifter. I hop on ebay and come across the cheapest one, $20 buy it now and $12 to ship. Looks just like the none adjustable B&M, but 3it comes with a kartboy look alike knob. It shows up in 2 days. I get the retainer piece and install it, Very simple and quick. The shift knob looks kind big and chrome. So I take it off and try to put my skunk2 knob on. Well the thing will not go on so I try the stock one and damn if it's not mitsu thread pattern. The knob itself sits about 1" lower and the shift is definately shorter by about 35% and it feels much tighter then stock. I recommend the ebay knock off to anyone who is looking for a short shifter:thumb: . Now i want a Greddy CW knob that is going to cost me more then my shifter. There still are some good products on ebay!
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