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ECU flash help

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I was wondering what every ones opinion was on who I would be better off going to for the ecu flash. Pretty much I am trying to decide between Al at Dynoflash, and Turbotrix Racing. I have spoken with TT on the phone, and I really liked their customer service, and the fact that they will flash my ecu for free every time I upgrade, all I have to do is cover shipping. But on the other hand, Al has the new option of the two step launch control. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Yes, I prefer Dynoflash. You can get a mail-in flash for $200 that includes everything plus launch control set to your preferred RPM. Or, you can get a custom road or dyno tune for $400 ($375 if part of a tuning trip), then all mail-in flashes are free from then on plus future custom tunes are discounted.
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