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ECU flash help

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I was wondering what every ones opinion was on who I would be better off going to for the ecu flash. Pretty much I am trying to decide between Al at Dynoflash, and Turbotrix Racing. I have spoken with TT on the phone, and I really liked their customer service, and the fact that they will flash my ecu for free every time I upgrade, all I have to do is cover shipping. But on the other hand, Al has the new option of the two step launch control. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Do you live close to turbotrix? if not this is word for word copied from there site: We also offer mail-in flashes for $300 + shipping. Once flashed here at Turbotrix you are entitled to a free custom reflash as long as you purchase your next modification through us and have us install it.

So you have to purchase your next mod and have them install it to get the free reflash after your base flash. If you don't live close to them then it may not be a good idea. I think dynoflash is $350 for a full custom flash and free reflashes after that, someone correct me if i'm wrong. Also I like the launch control that Al offers. Warrtalon should chime in on this one because he has a dynoflash with the launch control.
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