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We just recently started carrying Power Enterprise products, EDO Fuel Pump and many other products. As you guys know we like to stock parts so anything you see in this thread we have it in stock.Just wanted to let you guys know that and if you have any questions please feel free to send me a PM

Power Enterprise 4g63 Timing Belt Part#1201-BM211 $134.3Shipped
Power Enterprise 4g63 Balancer Shaft Belt Part# 1202-BM212 $40.8 Shipped

Power Enterprise 4g63 ACC Belt Part# PE-VB-6PK-1780 $83.5 Shipped

Power Enterprise Injectors for DSM
660cc , 700cc , 800cc and 1000cc are available

660cc 18-NTL1-660D $104 shipped
700cc 18-NTL1-700D $104 shipped
800cc 18-ATL-3-800 $144 shipped
1000cc 18-DTL-1000 $160 shipped

EDO Fuel Pump Kit [EDO-GSS342] $80 shipped
Introducing our new 255LPH(High Pressure) Fuel pump+Install Kit, it's a HOT BUY!

Greddy Turbo Timer + Harness Part# 15500020+15500021 Pkg deal $ 82 shipped

Greddy Profec B Part#GR-15500209 $324 Shipped

Blitz SBC i-Color Part# BL-15061 $ 699 Shipped

HKS SSQV Universal BOV part # HKS-1421-SA001 $199 Shipped

Braille 12v auto battery $155 shipped The Specs: (detail)
- Voltage: 12
- AH: 15
- PCA: 700 Pulse Cranking Amps
- Length: 5.8"
- Width: 3.3"
- Height: 5.9
- Weight: 11.5 lb or 5.2kg
- Use: Road Racing, Drag Racing, Rally Racing, Auto- Cross and Daily Use

If you have any questions please let me know!

[email protected]
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