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Tools required
First off Commen sense and basic knowledge of your vehicle
A extra pair of hands is never bad
floor jack and jack stands ( Or Lift)
spring compressor
socket wrench ( or easier with a Air compressor if available)
breaker bar
sockets: 12mm, 14mm, 17mm, 19mm
wrenches: 12mm, 17mm, 19mm
wire brush
Eibach Pro-kit Springs
03-06 Mitsubishi Evolution 8-9
NOTE: Eibach states you do not have to trim the bumpstops.

1. Jack up car and put the jack stands in proper places. Or use a lift if you have access to one. Pop your hood and trunk. Remove Trunk material if need be to access the rear strut tower bolts.
2. I started with the front but this can be done either way. Remove the wheel.

3. Remove the 2 bolts (19mm) holding the front strut to the knuckle or hub assembly.

4. Remove the 12mm nut from the back of the strut holding the brake line and speed sensor lines in place.

5. Remove the 3 strut tower nuts (14mm) under the hood.

6. Push down the on the brake assembly and remove the strut/spring assembly.

7. Use a spring compressor and compress the spring.

8. use a flat head screwdriver and remove the cap on the top of the strut to expose the nut.
9. Remove the nut from the strut.
10. install and line up new spring.
11. compress spring
12. line up strut tower top and screw on nut.

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13. uncompress spring and reinstall strut.

14. repeat for other side.

1.Make sure car is up in the air and secure with stands or a lift.
2. remove wheel.
3. unbolt the lower control arm from the knuckle, this makes install easier

4. remove the bolt holding the strut to the lower control arm.

5. Remove the 2 rear strut tower bolts in the trunk.
6. remove strut/spring and compress the spring.
7. remove the nut on top of the strut.
8. install and line up new spring, then compress it.
9. put the strut top on, and put the nut on.

10. reinstall strut/spring and reverse your steps!
11. Repeat for the other side and enjoy!

12. Install eibach stickers and go driving!

- use the wire brush to clean off corrosion or rust. this will make install and if you take it apart again very easy. once the bolts are cleaned off good put some anti-seize on them to make everything come apart easy.
-Measure from the ground to the highest point on the fender arch before and after to see the difference.
-Springs will take time to settle.
- always talk to someone about an alignment after suspension work.
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