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Engine Management

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What ECU upgrade should I get???
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Before generic questions like this can even be considered, please think about your goal for the car and tell us more.
Are you looking for daily 350 whp on the stock turbo, or are you building a mag bound dyno queen?
Are you rich, or poor?
Is this your first turbo car?
Are you comfortable reading 3D maps?
Please elaborate.
I wouldn't say that I'm rich, but I have money. Also, I'm not stupid so I'm sure I can learn how to read maps for the car. I want to build a 500whp on 91 octane daily driver. Oh yea, I know that a simple re-flash is the basic setup and a stand alone is better for a built engine. If you would look at my mods in my signature block, then you would see that I was wondering what's best for my car now. Why would I ask a question now about something that I won't get for another year or two?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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