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Hello all,

I am Greg Guster, the owner of Engine Runup. We carry the highest quality kits and parts available. With our kits, you can safely increase your boost by 3-5 psi, and create a sick amount of power, all from a simple bolt on. Alcohol/Water Injection gives you race gas octane, with the cost and ease of using pump gas. By increasing the effective octain of your air/fuel charge, detonation and knock will dissapear, allowing for full timing, which will develop some serious power.

As a new vendor of this forum, I am happy to offer $35.99 off all of our kits. Any kit, it doesn't matter, you get the discounted rate. This works out to only $169.99 shipped for our base level kit, a price that can not be matched anywhere. The coupon code is evotuners, which is entered in the coupon box at the bottom of your shopping cart during checkout. For now, only 5 kits will be sold at this severely reduced price.

If you have any questions at all, whether about this deal or just about alcohol/water injeciton in general, please feel free to pm me at any time.

When these 5 slots fill, this specific discount will terminate.

1. Sold
2. Sold

Here is our most popular kit, the [URL="]150 PSI Stage 2 Single Stage Kit[/URL]:

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