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enkei's or bbs'

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I was just curious if anyone knew which wheels were lighter, the bbs's from the mr or the 9's enkei's? It's my understanding that the 9's are lighter, but I'm not sure. :confused:
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The 9 enkeis are about 1.5lbs lighter then the 8 enkeis, But the BBS MR wheels are close to 3lbs lighter then the 8 enkeis. Hope this helps, Have fun with that $800 wheel purchase.
Thanks man, I appreciate the help and if anyone has a set of bbs's they want to sell, then let me know.
Hmm, I thought I answered this, but I don't see my reply. Here are the weights:

8 Enkei = 20.50 lbs
9 Enkei = 20.17 lbs
MR BBS = 17.74 lbs

The 9s are .15kg (.33lbs) lighter than the 8s, but still 2.5lbs heavier than the BBS rims. Keep in mind that the BBS rims are listed at $750/ea, so they're quite expensive even used. If you really want a set, I recommend going to and seeing which MRs have upgraded their rims...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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