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Espelier Exhaust

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$490 from RRE. It looks pretty good and I feel confident with RRE selling them. Has anyone seen, heard or know of this exhaust?

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never heard of it...but it looks nice...they say it sounds good...and RRE wouldn't bother just saying that...

call'm up and ask them what they think of it...
me neither, but damn.. that looks hot, sweet 3" ^^:D

PS: you can hear it though... click and go down...
i seen it and heard it before it sounds good!!! :thumb:
have it

I have it on my car. sounds great, awesome power gains. fits perfect. not a lot of useless bends, and still has a lot of clearence. also, not too loud and comes with silencer if you live somewhere that matters. my thing is, go for it. you wont regret it. just to let you know, its not as angled out as say the jic or hks hi power, is a little more stealth looking, but i love it. check out my profile for a little shot, i should have more up soon.
I would say go with it for the plain and simple fact that NOBODY has these exhausts. They are well made, just like "turbosmart" excessive bends, and it sounds wonderful, nothing obnoxious! [edit]removed sales pitch[/edit]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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