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Evo 7 Front Bumper

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hi i was wondering if the Evo 7 front bumper will fit onto the evo 8's with no problems? i don't like the pointy front end of the 8's. will i have to use the Evo 7 headlights and hood also? thnx for all the help
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from what i have heard the headlights are the same so all you would need is the bumper and maybe the JDM evo 7 undertray. You will also need to get rid of your actual metal bumper.
is the metal bumper just bolted or will i have to do some grinding? and hopefully i can just make the evo 8 undertray work without getting the evo 7 one? thnx for all the help man appreciate it.

the metal bumper is just bolted on you should look up FMIC installs and it should give you a walk threw in there.
sounds good.thnx for the help bro.
Also since you don't like the point front ends, you should find a evo 7 hood they do not come to a point. Look at some pics of the evo 7 and you will see what I mean. Good luck and post some pics once you get it done.
This is a old thread, but thought I would share my experiences with yall. I have a 05 Evo with the Evo 7 front bumber and headlights. I made my own reinforcement beam, and am going to make a skidplate for it also so it matches the 7 bumper. The problem I have run into are can not find a company to sell me the 7 undertray, front reinforcement, and all of the little brackets needed to complete the 7 front bumper. I did make it all work though. The headlights are the same except the bulbs. I have put up a picture of my front end. It is the 8 hood with 7 bumper. The hood is a different shape on the front. I like the hood scoop better on the 8, so I will be re designing my hood to match the 7 bumper. But the hood will bolt up. Hopefully this will help someone considering a 7 front end conversion.

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does anyone know where i can get a lower lip for my 7 bumper as well as the vents that go in the holes in the middle of the bumper??
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