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Only thing I don't like about the FQ-400 is the route they took getting there. The upgraded turbo is a beast top end but has pretty bad lag. I have over 400 brake HP on pump gas on the stock turbo and instant spool up as well.


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turbolarry said:
FQ-400, or;
Fu(k'n Quick 400 horsepower.
It think I feel the horsepower wars from the early 90's comming back.
you mean of the 60s and early 70s.
hp started comign back in the late 80s and didns't start getting real big until the mid to late 90s. the viper had 'only' 400hp when it came out and only 350hp in 89 when it was a concept. now its over 500

1badtsi said:
96,000 us dollars is way too rich for my blood :thumbdown
hmm lets see $96g for an evo or for a viper??????? waaaayyy too much money for that car. i like my 400+brake hp for a lot less

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Yeah I think the "HP wars" are starting up again as well. Subaru is making some sick WRX STI's, Mitsubishi is doing the EVO's, Nissan/Infinity has the Skyline (soon), Toyota/Lexus will be bringing the Supra back (albit a super car $$$$$$$)... I personally cant wait.

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Evo Fq-400 MR ?

Hey fellas,
I gotta question about the FQ-400. What is the quartermile times on the FQ-400. I've looked all over the place but I can't seem to find a time. I really gotta kno so any help is really appreciated...

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If anyone wants to build their own :thumb: :

Lancer Evolution VIII MR FQ400 parts list:

* Custom built Garrett GT Dual Ball bearing Turbocharger
* Owen Developments custom manufactured cast Stainless Steel Exhaust Manifold and Exhaust Elbow
* Omega Forged Pistons
* HKS Forged Con Rods
* HKS 680cc Injectors
* Zytec ITP116 High Pressure Fuel Pump
* HKS 1.6 mm Steel Head Gasket
* Motec M800 OEM ECU
* HKS Iridium Spark Plugs
* Jan Speed High Flow Sports Cat
* Alcon competition derived 240 mm high clamp mode, heavy duty clutch complete with Cera-metallic 6 paddle sprung centred drive plate
* HKS High Strength Head and Big End Bolts
* Alcon Mono6 Brake Kit incorporating Monobloc 6 pot road caliper with 343 mm curved vein Disc on a Aluminium mounting bell assembly with Ferodo DS2500 brake pads
* Ralliart Aero Mirrors
* Carbon Fibre Front Lip Spoiler
* Carbon Fibre "Sharks Tooth" Rear Vortex Generator
* PIAA High Performance Light and Wiper Upgrade
* Gloss Black Team Dynamics Lightweight Alloy Wheels
* Driver Training Course

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