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EVO Reliability

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I've got a friend who is going to Virginia Tech and he currently has a 2002 Honda Civic and he wants to get an Evo but we've been hearing that Evo's are not reliable at all and making the trip from here in Maryland to VTech and back several times is definately not a good idea. Also have heard of problems with blown engines when the car is driven hard on just stock boost...
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honestly...who the hell said stuff like that? what kind of cars do they have? are they jealous?
thats false........i mean with any car there is stories about those things. I love my evo would not trade it for anything. I drive it everyday and is very reliable. I also ran a [email protected] before the exhaust was put on (which i have not ran yet with it on but can tell big gains!!!!!)
any car can be unreliable... it depends on the way it is taken care of.... i've NEVER had a problem with any car i've ever owned... the EVO is reliable.... haven't seen anyone ever say it was. :dsm:
well that answers my questions. if you all defended the evo like you did then what i heard can't be true. i love the evo too and would get one if i had the money but i heard things about weak transmissions and transfer-cases and clutches burning out at like 100 miles for no reason at all so i had to ask people that actually had the car.
The transmission is strong, the transfer case is good, some of them have a bad clutch from the factory and Mitsubishi is denying this.... just like they have for the past few decades on cars that were sold mostly in Japan.

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