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ex-dsm'r needs alittle insite/? answered

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im not new to the 4g63,but new to the evo.i figure most the basic tricks apply.the only new thing is getting the ecu reflashed and the maf meter.
for the person who really never wanted to runa afc and just wants to reflash,who makes,does this the best?
when it comes to the bov,will i have the same issues as i did with my talon??
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Your dead on about the same tricks applying. The more I'm learning about my Evo, the more I'm learning how similar it is to a 2G.
What issues did you have with your Talon?
I've been consistantly running 19 psi. on the stock valve, no problems. I'm about to put in the MR BOV so I'll see if it was leaking. It does have to be recirculated if your keeping the stock MAS.
As far as flashes, I can't comment. That's not the direction I'm taking.
If you want to go with a vent to atmospere BOV you either need an aftermarket ECU like the AEM EMS that alows you to switch over to speed density, or get a blow through MAF (GM MAF) mounted in the upper IC pipe and have the BOV between the FMIC and the MAF.

As far as flashes go, there are a few options. Dynoflash, Turbotrix, Vishnu performance.... a couple others I can't think of right now. Each one has vocal supporters, and if you go over to that other EVO website you will see those vocal supporters constantly trying to talk trash about each other. Since I don't have personal experiance with any of them, and trash talk is meaningless I would recomend calling up each of the above vendors on the phone and talking with them.


vishnu,coob and works are all within a hour drive of me.
im really looking to get good relaible power from thoughts were turboback.b/c and intake.thena reflash.
as far as the bov is concerned,i gusee ill keep stock if im going to have issues
i also want to keep it pretty far as power goes,what would i be looking at with a turboback,intake and reflash??
Every car is going to be different, even with the same set up. Guessing at what your HP is going to be, will not help anyone. Set your horsepower goal, complete your upgrades, and tell us what your car is doing. Tell everyone what your set up is getting you. If you have specific questions, please ask, so we can get you and others useful information.

(edited for clarity)
MAKES PERFECT SENSE.i have a set idea.i just wish the damn car came with cruise control.i have been riding the fense for about 4 months on which car(sti,evo)would be better.i had looked at the about the weaker tranny.nowi know a lot of guys say that there is nothing wrong with it,just drive normal.but ill be damned if awd abd turbo doesent lead to a few retard moves on my behalf.i just wish i could find a dealer that would let me drive not doubting it,but just to be sure.
as it sits right now,the evo just works for me.power,style,performance.not to mention i know the motor.i do plan on doing complete right ups on every and my roomate do a ton of vehicle work(performance mostly)on the it stands we have a pretty good base for customers(people we work with,friends of friends)so ill have to keep you guys posted.
Dealers are tight about test drives in new Evo's, but if your on the fence, go to a dealer and pretend your interested in a used one. They will let you drive it then. Once you drive it you'll know hands down which one you want.
If you know DSM's, especially 2G's, you know this car. From timing, torque specs, and fuel pressure, it's so much like my old Eclipse.
Oh... and the cruise control, if you get an RS like me you won't even get a radio. :laugh:
so..does the evo8 come with cruise??option??that would lock it in.moon roof and cruise,DONE
No cruise in the EVO. You have to get aftermarket cruise if you want it at all.

how are the tranny holding up?i know about the clutch sucking but what about the over strength??
There are some issues with the synchros, but it's covered and replaced under warranty. :thumb: It's some gear grinding when shifting from 4th to 5th, but just have the dealership check it out. Other than that I've had no problems in 6k miles. :rolleyes:
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